Over the summer, second year BA (Hons) Graphic Design students undertook a wide range of exciting internships ahead of their final year of study.

They give an insight into how they found studio life.

Grapefruit Graphics

Jess Gohl spent several months working at Grapefruit Graphics on a variety of jobs from a 50k racing yacht hull wrap to making stickers to go on 100 vintage cars at the Beaulieu Car Museum. Jess also got to work with big sporting teams such as Land Rover, Ben Ainslie Racing and the British Sailing Team and has subsequently been offered a full-time job when she graduates.

She reflects on her experience: “I really enjoyed my time at Grapefruit and feel that I could happily work there in the future. The fact I was able to take part in all process points of the designing and making process allowed me to see how important each sector is. I did a bit of everything within the business, which was a great learning experience. From the initial designing, learning how to set-up files to be printed and cut, to the more practical side of things: painting sails, branding boats and making logos and signage from vinyl.”

Thinking Juice

Luke Brown, Alice Pomfret and Janaki Chengalath all undertook internships at Thinking Juice after meeting Stewart Austin, Head of Design at the course’s network event.

Stewart said: “Really well, the three students we had were all helpful and real credit to what you’re doing at AUB.” 

Luke tells us more: “It was better than I had expected! I didn’t think I would be working on things which would be sent to clients.”

Thinking Juice have invited Luke to spend one day a week at the company during his third year.

Salad Creative

Perry Rowe undertook an internship at local boutique agency, Salad Creative, an opportunity he gained through a network event organised by the course earlier in the year.

Perry talks about how he felt the opportunity would help with his future career: “I realised during my internship that Bournemouth has a really great network in the creative industry. It’ll be good to have my name spread around in places other than just London. On completion of this internship I have been asked to keep in contact for freelance work so that’s a great start to my young career!”

Read more about Perry’s experience on the Salad blog and see examples of his work: Swapping Student Life for Studio Life.

Bond & Coyne

Steven O’Neil and Izzi Hays were lucky enough to undertake internships at Bond & Coyne in London.

Steven offer his tips for students planning to undertake internships:“Ask questions, work hard, stay late, drink tea, make it and if you don’t like tea … learn to like it! Work experience gives you a tonne of confidence and every creative I have spoken to so far says, they wish that they were still at university. So, in short, work hard and use the time and resources you have to your advantage.”  

Izzi adds: “More than anything I think my internship taught me how a studio functions as a whole.” 

Co-founder and creative director, Martin Coyne, described both students as ‘a complete credit to AUB’.

Ogilvy & Mather

Tristan Dummer and Hannah Spearman-Oxx undertook internships at Ogilvy & Mather.

Hannah tells : “I think it’s allowed me to be creative within a tight schedule and consider the best format to get an idea across within a limited amount of time. I felt a lot more confident in both presentation skills and realised that industry doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s a great place to be!” 

Tristan added: “The speed that the art directors work at is unreal. This is why I decided to work closely with them. Coming up with concepts is really quick and I learnt not to hold onto shit work and ideas. Just go with your gut. It helped me focus and get cracking straight away”.

3 Sided Cube

Selene Fernandez Alberti undertook an internship at 3 Sided Cube, having presented her web portfolio to them at the courses’ network event.

Selene said: “I worked as part of the design team, I produced designs for project proposals, as well as designs for different apps, design assets, and video editing. It was better than expected. I didn’t think I would be working on actual designs so soon, I really felt like a key part of the team”.

Richard Strachan from 3 Sided Cube gave his feedback on Selene’s work: “Selene was fantastic. No job was too hard. The quality of her work was always first rate, and she took to any task we threw at her with aplomb. She consistently surprised us with the speed and quality of her output. First Rate”.

Selene has since been offered a job at 3 Sided Cube after she graduates next year.