BA (Hons) Graphic Design Student Award Winners attended the RSA Student Design Awards Ceremony at RSA House in London.

The RSA Student Design Awards challenge emerging designers to tackle pressing social, environmental and economic issues through design thinking.

Third year BA (Hons) Graphic Design students, Eleanor Russell-Jones, Amber Ruske, Marco Persichillo and Hannah Spearman-Oxx were invited to the Ceremony held on June 21st at RSA House in London to receive their awards.

David Constantine, the Founder Director of Motivation, a charity which initiates self-sustaining projects to enhance the quality of life for people with mobility disabilities, gave a keynote talk at the ceremony. Read more about the ceremony.

RSA Student Design Award Winners 2017

  • Eleanor Russell-Jones was the Moving Pictures ‘Age Pride’ Winner for her Animation film. In addition, Eleanor also won the RSA Staff Choice Award.

Eleanor explained:

“The RSA briefs in 2016/17 represent a series of design challenges with an ethical or social dimension. I selected the ‘Moving Pictures’ brief, which required me to create an animation accompanying a dialogue discussing ageism. The project appealed to me because the possibility that someone may be considered less important because of their age had never crossed my mind, and I wanted to create an animation that could dispel the stereotypes and misconceptions people held.

 I experimented with a variety of visual styles for the animation before finding one I felt would appeal to any age group. The style I chose ensured the animation remained prejudice free – the men, women and older characters are all the same apart from a change in hair colour.

 I learned a lot from taking on this brief, and it is very rewarding to have produced something that has the potential to change people’s attitudes towards a major social issue.”

  • Amber Ruske was winner of the Frazer Award for her project: Memory Bus

Memory Bus is a bus service that offers passengers a chance to play games and quizzes inspired by various memory enhancing therapies. The Memory Bus encourages conversation and aims to increase and maintain cognitive function and decrease loneliness in a social and enjoyable way. It would visit community centres and care homes to deliver the service to a wide audience.

  • Hannah Spearman-Oxx was Highly Commended for her project, Happy Birthday: New Life Carrier Cot

New Life Carrier-cot addresses the three fundamental problems of infection, premature birth and malaria with an innovative, multi-functional product which puts mother and baby at it’s heart. It brings together simple, natural solutions into an anti-bacterial baby carrier which converts into a cot with mosquito-net protection.

Speaking about her project, Hannah said:

“I’ve learnt that throwing yourself in the deep end and tackling a brief when you have absolutely no prior knowledge can be extremely rewarding. It means you have to build solutions on honest insights about the user and detailed research. Designing something with the potential to help new lives has definitely reshaped my approach towards design and I’d love to embed this social and moral approach in my work in the future!”

  • Marco Persichillo was Shortlisted for his project: Lifetime Learning, Future.U

Future.u acts as a direct link between people and learning. It is an ‘enabler’ that allows people to make the right steps towards their futures. Future.u offers #tasteyourfuture which is a nationwide taster day initiative that allows people to use their soft skills in real life, ‘on the job learning’ to learn new skills and help discover what is next in life.

Marco said: “Before you can create a brighter future, you have to design it.” 

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