Izzi Hays, third year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student wins a Silver Award in the Architecture category for her project, Lines.

Lines aims to create positive interactions between children through the help of an environment. We caught up with Izzi, who has previously won a Creative Conscience Award in 2016, for her collaborative project alongside students Lauren Platts and Stefan Man, to ask her what it is about designing for social good that inspires her.

Borders are what separate us, and what are they? Lines. What else has lines? A playground. The lines on a playground inspire interaction as opposed to segregating as borders do. Lines is an activity for primary school age children which encourages inter-cultural interaction through play. With the help of the Lines kit, children create half a playground based on the line markings they know from games they have grown up playing and the games they want to create. These half playgrounds can be spliced together to form new and better playgrounds. Cultures come together to form something entirely new, focusing more on celebrating the potential that cultures have as one.

We live in an increasingly divided time, and yet we are more connected in some ways than ever. Countries have increasingly diverse populations and you could get on a plane and fly to Australia tonight if you wanted to. Inter-cultural tensions have become a prevalent issue in society. I worked in collaboration with mothers from Canada and America and the children of Talbot Heath School and Talbot Primary School through a series of workshops to research and user-test. One mother and I talked about how ‘play is a universal language’ and that essentially formed the basis of my entire project and how children would be able to communicate with these forms and create something new.

Speaking about her work Izzi said:

“All of my work has something to do with connecting humans in some way and I never realised until I looked back at it all as a whole. Creating work that tries to help someone or something in some way or even challenge something to try and improve it is so important I think. We have that power as designers and I feel we should use it”.

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