Third year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student, Amber Ruske, wins a Creative Conscience Award for her project Class Cast.

Class Cast seeks to help chronically ill pupils from falling behind at school and missing out on non-core subjects.  Amber tell us that There’s a gap in education for chronically ill students who are not well enough to attend school. While these students receive support from the government for core subjects, there is little in place to help with non-core subjects.

As a result, Class Cast is a program that would bring the classroom to the student using video, VR and live streaming. Not only can Class Cast help chronically ill students, but it has the potential to help students around the world who lack access to education.

Since the Award Ceremony at IBM, Amber has been offered an internship at Creative Conscience and also an offer of a mentor from Social and Local, a social business in brand communications.

We caught up with Amber to find out more about the opportunities. Amber said:

“Winning a Creative Conscience (CC) Award this year has been a fantastic experience, and in less than two weeks after the ceremony I have received support from CC and other design agencies in developing my entered project and other work. It’s exciting to see that my project could be developed, and has introduced me to a network of designers who are creating work for good. What has really resonated with me from entering, is that while working on social and ethical related projects can be challenging, as designers we are able to use our skills to make a change in the world.”

See Amber’s full project Class Cast.