Final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design student Sam Pittman has won 3 awards for his work this year. He tells us about the projects:


“This brief was to re-brand the Design Museum, which is probably one of the most exciting things you could be tasked with doing as a designer. The concept I developed focussed on the Design Museum’s ability to continuously adapt in order to remain connected to the ever changing design world. The realisation of the brand relied heavily on motion graphics and animation.”


“This was a response the BBC brief which was to engage the ‘always on’ generation with the BBC’s multichannel content. The UX I developed recognises keywords typed into the user’s smartphone or tablet within messaging or social media apps. Then by clicking on a BBC button embedded within the keyboard, users can preview and insert funny video clips taken from BBC content, tailored to accompany their message.”


“The core of the campaign in an elegantly design prosecco glass, which gracefully incorporates the heel of a woman’s shoe, capturing Scavi & Ray’s positioning within both the wine and fashion industries.”

 You completed some of the briefs in 24 hours – tell me why and what that process is like?

“I was in the process of completing an 18 week long Final Major Project, that’s a long time, and I was at a point in the project where I needed to reinvigorate myself, so I decided to set myself a challenge to see how many briefs I could tackle in 24 hours. Now looking back on what was a challenging 24 hours, it’s extremely satisfying to think that two award winning ideas where produced during the process. In total I tackled 20 different briefs during one continuous 24 hour period.”

How have you found Graphics at AUB?

“I’ve really enjoyed the process and the focus on conceptual thinking. “But there’s one conversation with a tutor that I have regularly reflected on, “Don’t try to be a graphic designer” was the line, and at the time it seemed bizarre, but I quickly realised its sentiment. I now leave university firmly of the belief that I’m a designer and not solely a graphic designer. The approach to conceptual thinking is transparent and can be applied across all creative disciplines, which in my opinion makes for more relevant and creative outcomes.”

What do you plan to do next?

“I’ve been lucky enough in secure a place at the New Blood Academy which starts in July so that’s my next challenge!”

What would be your ‘One Piece of Advice’ for the next generation of Graphic Designers?

“I have three! Be a thinker, rationalise your work and most importantly, back yourself.”