Matt Bowron a recent graduate from The Arts University Bournemouth is celebrating after winning £20,000 in a national Doritos ‘You make it, we play it’ competition, with his winning advert ‘Tribe’ being shown on national television and even being broadcast in space.

BA (Hons) Photography graduate Matt used stop animation to film the 29 second advert, which shows a packet of Doritos dancing around worshipping a jar of Doritos salsa. The brief given to all the entrants was to create something ‘innovative and creative, with a certain something special’.

The adverts were all uploaded onto Doritos website, with 12 judges viewing all the adverts, including four judges in advertising and media positions, four people who commission adverts, three members of the public and one scientist. They whittled the adverts down to the final five, with the public making the final decision.

Matt’s winning advert, which will officially be entered into the Guinness Book of Records, was played on national television during Euro 2008. A potentially bigger audience were able to listen to the advert when it was broadcast across the universe with the message being pulsed out over a six-hour period from high-powered radars at the EISCAT European space station in the Arctic Circle.

Peter Charles, head of the Doritos Broadcast Project, said: “We are constantly looking to push the boundaries of advertising and this will go further than any brand has gone before. By broadcasting the winning ad to the Universe, Doritos is delivering a world first and Matt Bowron, the winner, will go down in advertising folklore.