Camouflage — A project by AUB’s Fine Artists Marisol Malatesta and Simona Da Pozzo, with the support of Ex-voto (Radical Public Culture Association) saw them exhibit video art in Milan.

Camouflage was born from the desire to create an opportunity for discussion between those who practice, teach and explore artistic video production in different countries and contexts.

During the afternoon of 18th October, there was a screening the videos from the eight artists as well as an informal discussion with them, the curators, organisers and members of the public.

The screening was a collaboration between BA (Hons) Fine Art at AUB and NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano ( The  Round Table discussion was held in collaboration with The Blank, Ellecontemporary and Visualcontainer Distributor.

AUB artists: Cat Smith, Monica Bonomo, Emily Ciccarelli, Rachel G Howard
Milan artists: Virginia Garra, Giulia Pellegrini, Sirius Vanelli, Laura White

Video work from this exhibition is now streaming at

“The collaboration in Milan between the two art schools was a fantastic experience and allowed for a exciting conversation to emerge about the importance of video art, from it’s role in the art world to the distribution of the work. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the differences and also the similarities between everyone’s work on an international level and to meet those involved. The experience is one I will never forget!” Catherine Smith.