Fine Art Graduate in Residence, Sian Hutchings presented a workshop, as part of Sound of Memory Symposium along with The Noematic Collective from AUB, at Goldsmiths University.

The Sound of Memory Symposium explored creative works and ideas situated at the interface of composers working in acoustic ecologies and artists working within social ecologies, where the primary engagement is a form of sonic ethnography. The overarching thematic is an exploration of how individual and cultural memory resonates in the shaping of social space. The symposium explored the broad domain of acoustic ecologies and soundscape’s engagement in place.

The symposium was organised by ‘The School of Music and Fine Art’ from the University of Kent and was in partnership with Goldsmiths University and Whitechapel Gallery.

Sian was invited to present a sonic based workshop as part of the symposium. She organised the event as a trip to the symposium with students who attend a sound group, founded by Sian earlier this year.

Sian said: “It was a fantastic opportunity for not only myself, but also the students who participate in the sound group. We presented the workshop together as our collective ‘The Noematic Collective’. It was our second instalment as a group, having recently held an audio takeover in the Drawing Studio at AUB.”

The Noematic Collective meet weekly on Tuesdays from 4pm in the Fine Art studios and, although Sian won’t be directly working with AUB next year as she goes on to study her MA in Fine Art, the collective aim to stay together and expand.

If you are interested in joining the group who use the meetings to discuss work in the sonic and think about sound exhibitions then please email Sian at for more information.