On 20th February, I had the opportunity to run a workshop along with BA (Hons) Fine Art Course Leader Richard Waring and two students helpers (Charles Pritchard & Joe Morgan) for 26 Japanese students from Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD).

The day started with a short presentation about the course from Course Leader Richard Waring.

The workshop ‘Composition of a drawing’ introduced students from KUAD in Japan to the multi disciplinary approach of Fine Art at AUB. We did a series of tasks that aimed to expand the presumptions of what drawing, sculpture and sound could be. Using interlocking blackboards, students were asked to draw the room and make a sculpture from their boards.

We also introduced sound into the workshop and I made contact microphones which record the surface that it is touching in order for the students to hear the sound of their drawings and let the sound inform what they were drawing/building.

The students worked in small groups and were asked to generate a composition using the contact mics and blackboards that were performed in the session.

Joe Morgan (3rd year BA (Hons) Fine Art) and Charles Pritchard (2nd year BA (Hons) Fine Art) offered to help in the workshop and they were able to assist the Kyoto students and experience running a workshop.

Towards the end of the day we did some tasks outside in the courtyard with a megaphone in which students had to generate drawings from instructions on a megaphone that was quick fire instructions in order to loosen up their drawing techniques.

We wanted to show Kyoto students that here at AUB, Fine Art is very much a course built on multi-disciplines with an emphasis of challenging media and their presumptions of that medium.