Head of School –Preparation for Higher Education, Tim Edgar, recently had a chapter published in the first book collaboration between Hoxton Mini Press and Penguin, Really Good Dog Photography

This book approached the dog as a dignified, intelligent and noble being, and considers our relationship with man’s best friend for the extraordinary thing it really is.

Tim has been working on his series, “Mark of a Dog”, for the past two years. The collection explores the ways in which dog urine makes marks on the landscape and interacts with the fabric of landscapes.

In the tradition of creative mark making, his photographs raise questions around the “author” and the status of the dog as “artist”. Taken on a phone camera when walking my own dogs, there are now around 200 images in the series.

Most of them are taken in and around Swanage.

The series references pivotal approaches to Land Art by Robert Smithson and Richard Long, and the conceptual bookworks of Ed Ruscha, such as Twenty Six Gasoline Stations.

Like Rorschach inkblots, these temporary, basic marks, invite the viewers’ interpretation.

Tim’s work will appear alongside work by Alec Soth, William Wegman, and Elliot Erwitt.