Fine Art Visiting Tutor, Marisol Malatesta, is exhibiting My Nose Grows Now!, her first solo exhibition since leaving Peru in 2001.

The show, curated by Rosanna Del Solar, presents a collection of works of her last five years of production.

Max Hernandez, critic and curator, talks about the exhibition:

“Through simple forms derived from modernist abstraction and design, the artist builds figurative images that construct enigmatic narratives. Pyramids and cones are converted into masks. Jars and ceramic dishes are anthropomorphized by minimal formal interventions that make representations of faces (The “Screaming Pots” series and “Screaming Plates”)

Malatesta uses the nose to represent the face and that element also opens up a universe of associations: narratively is associated with lies and formally symbolised by a cylinder-refers to the phallus, and therefore refers also to sexuality and power. That way and with great sense of humour, the artist launches a series of semantic moves, as these forms are both abstract figures and body representations (nose and phallus) and functional elements (teapots peaks).

This attention to construction, however, goes beyond the material, because it concerns the construction of an imaginary. The key juxtaposition here is the reference to artistic and cultural forms. The video A Lick and a Promise by Malatesta and Tom Richards, is emblematic in this respect. In the work converge the ritual and the industrial, references to the baroque to the Bauhaus (winks to ‘triadic Ballet’ by Oskar Schlemmer, 1922), minimalism and electronic music. The austerity of his choreographic language conceals an enormous sophistication about the universe of references that articulates. A remarkable piece.”