BA (Hons) Fine Art second year students have produced and curated the ‘Cultures of Nature’ symposium, which took place in Bournemouth lower gardens.

Over the course of a fortnight the students worked on a symposium around the theme ‘Cultures of Nature’, which produced 35 pieces of work. These were represented in the bandstand, in the lower gardens in Bournemouth town centre as a part of Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe Festival. The exhibition ran from the 23rd to the 25th October, which included a variety of artistic media from performance to sculpture.

Included in the exhibition was work from student Frances Willoughby. Her piece ‘Leave it to Nature’ is an instillation piece inspired by research into the history of the eugenics movement.

Fay Turner took on the persona of a passionate scientist in her piece ‘People across the world have been looking for an alternative to the grey, stale religions of the past.’ Here she appropriates scientific and political language to question our absolute belief in scientific knowledge.

The exhibition also showcased work from Francesca Stone, Heidi Williams and Rosie Stephens, amongst other Fine Art students.