BA (Hons) Fine Art Course Leader, Richard Waring’s painting featured in the latest Bourne film, Jason Bourne.

Richard won a national competition run by Warner Bros to produce a commissioned painting for the Universal Pictures film.

The brief was to create a painting that featured the American flag. Richard created an homage to American painter, sculptor and printmaker, Jasper Johns, with his piece:  ‘Homage to Johns’.

The painting was displayed as a featured prop on the CIA offices set. The painting is regularly visible behind Tommy Lee Jones.

Richard said: “I was really surprised and thrilled to be offered the commission. I paid homage to the iconic American artist Jasper Johns’ 1955 work, ‘Flag’.

I responded to Johns’ work by using my intrigue with pictorial space and different types of disparate mark making.

Peter Walpole, Head Set Designer for Jason Bourne, said: “It’s brilliant and has pride of place!