Recent Fine Art graduates Clive Timothy and Jessica Thomas win at Free Range Shows Awards for Best work. For the second year running, Fine Art at AUB have won at the Free Range Shows!

Each year the recent graduates of Fine Art fundraise in their final year to partake in the annual Free Range Shows held at The Old Truman Brewery in London. The Free Range Shows gives students from a range of top creative universities around the UK the opportunity to take part in a huge exhibition which sees gallerists, curators and other institutions scout out the best work.

Last year Fine Art at AUB won the ‘Best Collective’ award for overall curation and work in their show. Now for a second year running, AUB have won at the Awards with this year’s winners Jessica Thomas and Clive Timothy winning the Best work award for their collaborative video.

Clive Timothy primarily works with video, technology, digital materials and performance to explore Afro-futurism and the power of science fiction and social activism and social change through sci-fi based narratives. The artist aims to project a speculative post-racial future through the use of hyper-exaggerated and vivid comedic and theatrical sci-fi influenced lens. The artist appropriates current contemporary material references such as current Black Lives Matter attitudes, comics books, current technology and conceptual technologies and social climates to radically distort frames in the issues within Racial and Black Racial systems.

Jessica Thomas is a Birmingham born artist currently based in Bournemouth. Thomas’ video installations deal with the issues of our personal and cultural identities, and how these are shaped by, and interact with western societal values. She is particularly interested in the visual aspect and lifestyles depicted in 90’s film and reality television programmes, which showcase the lives of the rich and famous. By utilising cinematic, green screen effects to create a space where class issues can be discussed though Thomas’ fictional worlds of brightly coloured, kitschy aesthetics that reflect a combination of historical and political research on diverse themes from land ownership through working class literature to modern pop culture.

Together they call themselves ‘Multiplicity’ a collective of Afro-futurism, colonialism, equality, workers rights, technology and theatrics through a combination and passion for video performances, video installations, digital editing and green screen technology, and through a Lo-fi aesthetics to convey these current issues in an engaging and accessible form.

The prize includes: A solo exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery in Feb 2018; curatorial support from Artfund; an Art Fund National art pass; online press with Elephant Magazine and a £1000 bursary for Clive and Jess.