Final year BA (Hons) Fine Art students, Taylor Davies-King, Sydney Butterfield and Lily Lineham, showcased their work at ArtSway in The New Forest.

The exhibition titled ‘When Two or More Are Together’, featured sculpture, installation and digital media works that both engage with the space and the audience.

Lily describes herself as an installation artist focusing on the participation of the viewer. Through altering sensory stimulation to evoke perceptual changes in her audience, she uses a range of unlicensed holistic therapy techniques in order to strengthen the stable and single out the weak. Her work consisted of therapy ‘sun loungers’ in which the audience were invited to sit and partake in a holistic therapy session. This consisted of wearing goggles containing LED’s that concur hallucinogenic patterns when your eyes are closed. There was also headphones playing white noise that allowed the audience to delve into a mediated state.

Sydney explores the rules and regulations adopted within the gallery environment in relation to the visitors. She plays with the notion of the visitors being participants by changing the formal qualities of the gallery space through mixed media and installations. Her current use of playful experimentation is contrasted with elements of controlled settings leaving her audience in a state of performance. These performances create a juxtaposition between the ordered gallery space and the unfamiliar activities participants engage in.

Taylor uses raw materials to unravel and open up questions about the placement of objects and their orientation in the gallery space, as well as asking broader questions as to why we take part as humans and our relationship to our surroundings. In Sway, Taylor’s work paid homage to her Granddad’s passing and the informing of objects and place, particularly the sea which are referenced within the colour of her installation and also the material of the installation itself. She aims to create a poetic environment where the viewer can elevate oneself into a certain state of mind.

ArtSway is a contemporary gallery space in The New Forest which provides an outlet for students to exhibit and present work to the public outside of the university.