For some time, drawing was thought to be a dying practice. Fortunately, today, this age-old tradition is making a drawn-out but undeniable comeback.

It’s been several decades since drawing classes were no longer considered important enough for British art college courses. A skill that involves drawing from casts, life models and prints alike, many institutions, including AUB, are reintroducing this wonderful practice.


Here at AUB, we offer a comprehensive (BA Hons) Drawing degree, that nurtures your skills through traditional and digital techniques. During the three-year course, you’ll learn about the ‘Fundamentals of Drawing’, ‘Drawing Meaning’ and ‘Contained Practice’, while getting to study at historic sites across the country. All of this will be refined within your final ‘Major Project’.

By joining the (BA Hons) Drawing course, you’ll also gain access to the magnificent CRAB Drawing Studio, designed by Professor Sir Peter Cook RA. This purpose-build studio is a state-of-the-art facility in a striking modern design that’ll inspire you as you sketch.


Festivals such as The Big Draw are also helping to bring this marvellous medium back to public attention. As the world’s biggest drawing festival, it boasts 100 events across 25 countries, and unites over 400,000 people. The theme for the 2018 event, which takes place in October, is ‘Play’, and is all about ‘discovery’, ‘letting loose’ and most important of all, ‘having fun’.

Keep the practice of drawing alive – find out more about our (BA Hons) Drawing course.

Images of the AUB CRAB Drawing Studio.