As AUB prepare to install the brand new Drawing studio, this week has been a celebration of the art which sits at the heart of our creative community.

Wednesday 18th March saw a BSO concert at Poole Lighthouse to celebrate the design and construction of the new drawing studio, designed by Professor Sir Peter Cook of CRAB studio who told us:

“I think Drawing is the most spontaneous and relaxed way in which you put your thoughts out – it’s extended thinking. rather like talking. You don’t stop to think before you talk often. You just doodle away. I think that some of the modest drawings are the most important ones, where you just say ‘well why don’t we do it like that, or I could do a thing here’.

Professor Sir Peter Cook then went on to give an Open lecture on Drawing on Thursday 19th March, attended by staff and students.

Professor Sir Christopher Frayling, Chancellor of AUB told us:

“Drawing is a whole spectrum. From tight, objective drawing, via life drawing, to what Paul Klee called rather wonderfully: ‘taking a line for a walk’.

I love that, to have a space where you can ‘take a line for a walk’.

I think it’s wonderful that in 2015, AUB is starting a drawing studio. It’s not nostalgic, it’s not backward. It’s the kind of grammar on which everything else in an Art School is based. You neglect it at your peril. It very much goes with AUB’s independence. It’s a small scale, face to face, independent Arts University. It’s sticking it’s standard in the ground and saying: We believe in these things because they’re important.”

Meanwhile, BA (Hons) Architecture students visited the CIG Architecture works in Stralsund, Germany, where the new Drawing Studio is taking shape. Read more about their visit.