Final year BA (Hons) Fine Art student Faye Bowden has been selected to show work at Disordering Chaos, part of Fringe Arts Bath festival.

Running from 22nd May to 7th June, 36+37 Westgate Street, (next door to the Westgate Pub). Disordering Chaos is on the ground floor ‘shop front’ of the building.

The exhibition will be looking at systems of order in art and the wider world. This show presents works which utilise or disrupt ordering, cataloguing or organisational systems.

Faye told us: “My practice is process based, and usually involves repetition – sometimes as content but more often as creative strategy. Working in a variety of media, I employ repetitive actions and processes in search of a point of transformation. At times the processes can become futile, but I try to push through the futility hoping to move the work into a new state. Drawing, in its broadest sense, is integral to my practice and is often where my inspiration comes from.

In my most recent body of work, I have been creating three dimensional drawings using wire; the drawings are made using a wooden peg board, allowing me to create geometric web-like patterns in an ordered structure. They are subsequently removed from the board and the wire springs out of shape, resulting in a chaotic mass which I then arrange into a sculptural installation as a response to the space it is in.

This work explores the tension between order and chaos, as well as chance and control, with the wire displaying these tensions as I try to manipulate large volumes of it. The process itself is a tedious one, reflecting aspects of today’s society such as daily routine and mechanical production.”