The Design Council’s new research recognises the imperative value the design industry makes to the economy, highlighting the skills design occupations will require in the future.

AUB recently attended the launch of the Design Council’s new research report ‘Designing a Future Economy’. The report identifies that “design skills are vital to UK productivity, but that businesses face a growing skills gap“, demonstrating the need for specialist art and design education. It is the first time that the contribution of design skills to the UK economy has been measured so thoroughly.

The report identified design skills are being used by 2.5 million people in the UK every day and “in total, people using design skills contribute £209 billion to the UK economy and are 47% more productive than the average UK worker”.

The new research undertaken by the Design Council has found that “designers are not just restricted to creative industries but operating across industries and contributing significantly to improving productivity”. Skills such as visualisation and problem-solving, alongside technical, specialist skills will become essential for employability.

The report also recognises the importance of STEM to STEAM in education, including arts to the science, technology, engineering and maths equation, making recommendations for education providers and regulators to ‘embed design into the curriculum‘.

AUB has recognised the importance of design skills for a long time. As a leading specialist university we offer courses in art, design, media and performance and work closely with the creative industries to match skills to employability, helping turn creativity into careers. Our campus offers state-of-the-art facilities that equip our students with the skills and knowledge they will need once they embark upon their careers.

All of our courses focus on preparing students for industry, encouraging networking and placement opportunities, working closely with industry contacts and inviting high profile specialists as guest speakers. Modelmaking students worked closely with the Norman Foster Foundation, Visual Effects Design and Production students are completing a year-long industry placement at Outpost VFX, and Wolfgang Tillmans giving a guest lecture are just some examples of the opportunities we provide for our students.

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The launch of the report was held at the V&A, the first museum in the world to establish a dedicated Research Department, taking a leading role in binding together the fields of art, design and performance, making it the ideal location for the launch of the research project.

Read the full ‘Designing a Future Economy report‘.