Priti Sharma joined AUB on the Foundation course in 2007 and shares her journey with us since graduating.

“It’s been 10 years since, and what a journey! I am so proud to be associated with AUB. 

“My decision to come to the UK and pursue education in Arts was purely out of my love of design and passion to create. I knew from a very early age that my inclination towards creating new things was what drove me. 

“As I just turned 18 I left my hometown Dehradun for the first time and landed straight to the UK on a cold January evening. 

“My first experience of the UK is what I still cherish and always will. Living on campus at AUB I saw art around me all the time and not once did I feel alienated. It felt like home. AUB is driven by people from all parts of the world for the sole purpose of creating art; be in the form of paintings or jewellery or movies or sculptures. 

“When I was applying for colleges AUB wasn’t my first choice to begin with. Like any other teenager I wanted to go to London and live the fancy life. But when I started communicating with Hilary, from the International team, I got a breakdown of the course structure which met most of my requirements from a course. Because I was a late admission, AUB helped tailor my workload to cover the projects I would have missed. And the fact that Hilary communicated with me from early on and answered all of my questions, I here gained the confidence to go to AUB.

“The foundation course is what I now call the mixed chocolate box. When I first started I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to pursue jewellery in particular but with the foundation course I got the freedom to learn and explore almost everything – from photoshop to sawing wood in the workshop; from lino etching to soldering metal together.

“The Foundation course helped me realise that I like to make things that are tactile and wearable. And only through my journey I found out that I was most inclined towards metalwork and hence jewellery. 

“The foundation course not only gave me direction as to what I really enjoy doing, the skills I acquired in the course are what I make use of even today which lead me to create successful jewellery collections fit for the industry. The tutors have absolutely helped me through every bit of my journey to eliminate confusion and define a clear path for myself. 

“Whilst in the UK, In 2010 I won the first prize for a jewellery design competition for a pair of cufflinks, organised by Michael Jones Jewellers and I had a page long feature in Image Magazine, Nottingham. 

“In 2011 I had the opportunity to intern with London Fashion week for two seasons during which, I learnt to – be punctual, work hard, communicate and a lot of other things that require for one to be a successful designer in this unapologetic global industry. 

“In 2012 I moved back to India and relocated to Mumbai in 2013. In 2014 I established my own company in Mumbai called Avrom Jewels and as of today (July 2017): Avrom® is a registered trademark brand (received trademark in June 2017), it has an independent e-commerce website and total number of 18 stockists in three countries, namely India, Singapore and USA. Avrom® has been featured by Adorn Magazine, India as an emerging jewellery brand to watch out for. 

“The brand has also been recognised as a global emerging brand by Not Just a Label, a company that is a responsible for supporting contemporary designers in the global fashion world. 

“I draw inspiration from natures colours and my designs are a direct representation of that. I am hugely driven by colour combinations and I find the most challenging part in creating a collection is to have these colours right. 

“As a jewellery designer for the fashion industry, I came to the realisation soon enough that most women will buy jewellery pieces that match their clothes. It takes extensive research to create a collection of 30 – 40 pieces that are colour coordinated absolutely perfectly.

“To me jewellery is a form of wearable art that the wearer gets emotionally attached to and can wear it constantly without getting bored and still yet pass it on to people they love.

“To think that we modify our natural body parts (piercings for example) to adorn ourselves with pieces of metal is extremely romantic to me. And as a jewellery maker it is of utmost pleasure to be able to control bits of raw metal and transform it into a 3D sculpture that you can wear around on your body. 

“My ‘One Piece of Advice’ would be find your passion and work hard each day to master it. As an artist myself I am lucky to have found my calling at a very early age. But the only reason I am able to achieve my goals is because I work hard day in and day out and there is no substitute to it. 

“I strive each day to make tomorrow better and AUB was where I started my design journey at the age of 18.”