On Friday 23rd February 2018, Adams Kara Taylor (AKT) Engineers Director, Daniel Bosia, will provide an insightful lecture on ‘Engineering on the Curve, from ZHA to the Drawing Studio’.

Great buildings need a great team, and architects need engineers. The remarkable 1930s Lubetkin Penguin Pool needed Ove Arup. Last week we heard from Helmut Kinzler at Zaha Hadid Architects, that when the Zaha team won the Cincinnati Gallery competition, with their flying, projecting building, they were no different.

Special projects need special engineers. As ZHA projects became more complex and curved, they developed a special relationship with AKT. AKT had just emerged from mastering the curved engineering dynamics needed for the Eurostar terminal at Waterloo.

Daniel Bosia of AKT-2 has been working for the last twenty years with architects looking to support new ideas, and cross the boundaries between architecture and engineering to make beautiful and remarkable buildings, such as the Drawing Studio here at AUB.


Daniel Bosia, Director at AKT and head of the P.ART team, is a Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers with an MSc in Structural and Bridge Engineering and a Master Degree in Architecture.

He has worked at Arup for more than twelve years, collaborating with architects including Daniel Libeskind, Toyo Ito and Enric Miralles and with artists like Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley and Matthew Ritchie.

A cofounder of the Advanced Geometry Unit at Arup (AGU), Daniel has designed and delivered several complex and iconic art and building projects. He has been a Diploma Tutor at the AA and Honorary Professor at Aalborg University, and he has lectured in many Universities in Europe and the US including ETH, UPenn, IIT, Yale, Columbia, Princeton.

The lecture starts at 12.00, in room SH001.

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Photos. ©Zaha Hadid Architects. ©Arts University Bournemouth.