Final year BA (Hons) Costume and Performance and Design student, Katherine Newbury, has won the Costume Society Competition.

Katherine’s winning entry is a reconstruction of an Embroidered Linen Jacket, worn by Margaret Layton, from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1560-1620.

Three students have also been nominated in the annual International Art and Fashion event held in New Zealand, World of Wearable Art.

Andrea Beach is nominated for the category ‘Weta Workshop Costume and Film Section: Other Worlds’.

She tells us more about her entry: “My design was inspired by mythical creatures and is based on a dragon trying to possess a woman who is fighting to overcome the possession. Through the costume I have trapped elements of the body and used textiles to create a dragon inspired aesthetic. I enjoyed the process of designing and making. I am very proud of the outcome and look forward to hearing whether it reaches the next stage of the competition.”

Kathryn Lawton is up for the ‘Weta Workshop Costume and Film Section: Other Worlds’ award, and Rebecca Jenkins is nominated for the category ‘Wellington Airport: Avant Garde’ with her entry ‘Metalmorphosis’,

Rebecca tell us about her entry: “I am very happy to be shortlisted for the World of Wearable Arts Awards. I am very proud of the piece I created and the concept that inspired it. The piece is copper in colour, which represents ‘Cu’ the metallic element that is malleable to touch. The Multiple surfaces within the piece capture copper’s ability to be manipulated and show that it is product of metamorphosis, or in this case Metalmorphosis.