Third-Year Costume and Performance Design student, Jennifer Miller is just about to graduate from Arts University Bournemouth and her career is already off to a flying start as she has been shortlisted for a top industry award.

The Patterns of Fashion award at The Costume Society honours the work of dress historian, Janet Arnold, who was a founder member of the society.

An award of £500 is available to the costume or fashion-related course student who, in the eyes of the judges, recreates to the highest standard a pattern found in one of the the Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion books one to four, or in the 17th Centurary Women’s Dress Patterns books one and two, edited by Susan North and Jenny Tiramani.

Jennifer Miller is an international student at AUB and has been studying in Bournemouth for the last three years. Jennifer said she was ‘delighted’ to have been shortlisted. She said:

“The gown I made is from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion book two. The gown I recreated is from 1893 and the original is kept at the London Museum.”

The original was created by J. J. Fenwick, (which is now the Fenwick department store in London).

“The requirements for the award meant that I needed to recreate the gown – I had to use the same techniques Fenwick used in 1893 to create the dress. I even recreated the original label by hand painting it onto my gown.

To recreate the dress I had to sew using both a machine and by hand. The entire bodice was put together almost completely by hand and all the beads were hand sewn on.”