Costume with Performance Design alumni Sarah Dicks who shares her first year’s adventures as a freelance visual artist since graduating from the BA and MA courses at AUB.

She tells us, “After designing Battle for the Winds, Cirque Bijou was kind enough to keep me on their team to design costumes for their vast array of shows. I’ve created costumes for marketing events, street theatres and festivals, international TV adverts and the opening of a new Four Seasons hotel.  I even got THIS close to designing a costume for the rock band MUSE’s tour but unfortunately they chose to go in a different direction. Win some, you lose some, ey! It’s always great fun working with these guys, sometimes I get to style female beat boxing bands, other times its creating a 1950’s rockabilly themed party with props and costumes and occasionally I get to costume circus acts too! We’re working on something big at the moment that will be hitting the streets in Summer 2014. I’m very excited to share it all with you soon!”