Prof Tan is a visiting academic to AUB Architecture from Sichuan University during the 2016-17 session.

She will present this case study in urban design and conservation, and other projects for public space.

“In the downtown area of Chongquing there is a Diao Jiao Lou district called shi ba Ti (an historic neighbourhood).It is a city slum with more than 40 metres of terrain elevation, of about 100, 000 m2 and 40,000 residents. Most of the residents are low-income people.

They hope to improve their living space, but cannot afford to move away from here. The government hopes to dismantle this area in order to build a residential and commercial urban development.

The local residents cannot afford to purchase the new homes and the traditional Diao Jiao Lou buildings will be lost. I hope this study can enhance the cultural value required for the government to protect the area and improve the living environment for local residents.”

Architecture Lecture Friday 21st October 2016