Article 25 Haiti Research Design Competition

Congratulations to Michael Lane (MArch 1) who was selected as one of the 5 finalist for the Article 25 Haiti Research Design Competition. He presented to the panel on 29th March, of judges Linda O’Halloran (Thinking Development), Andrew Lamb (EWB’s UK CEO), Frank Robert (Buro Happold senior engineer, worked with A25 in Haiti), Ralph Buschow (senior Architect A25) and Robin Cross (Article 25 CEO).

Michael Lane’s submission was built around 5 conceptual tools for Haitian’s to rebuild the site for themselves. This was manifest through a series of canopies around the surviving palace site that created flexible spaces to use for learning, debate, disaster relief and demonstration. The president would be housed on the site, but regeneration would occur through public engagement and the interaction between the informal settlement and the palace: “leadership through empowerment not dictatorship”.

Unfortunately he did not return with the first place, but will continue to work on the project as part of his studies for ARC705, a unit that encourages humanitarian architecture and ethical practice.