Rohan Ashok Hande graduated from BA (Hons) Commercial Photography in 2014.

Speaking about his experience as an international student on the course, and his journey since Rohan said:

“The reason I decided to study at AUB was because of its specialised photography course. I was also very intrigued by the number of specialised art courses offered by the university.

“At the time of joining I didn’t know, but being around so many disciplines was going to have a huge impact on my work. I still miss constantly being around colleagues and learning from them. The facilities pampered me quite a bit and how easy it was to pick and choose the best equipment for the job.

“In terms of leaving uni and searching for a job, it was tricky but fortunately there was an opening at Condé Nast India once I was back home. During the interview, I basically carried in the portfolio I had made for my final project submission. After a year and half with the company as Junior Photo Editor, I started freelancing as a photographer and collage artist. This lets me work on commissions with magazines and brands, as well as on my own personal projects.

“Overall, the experience at AUB as well as studying in the UK changed my perception and made me technically stronger. So going back home with a fresh eye really helped me see things differently.

“If I had to do anything differently, I think I’d travel a little more around the UK and Europe, and I’d have worked on more personal projects. That’s what I try doing now on a daily basis. When I’m not working on a commissioned project, I work on my own series of collages and/or portraits.

“One piece of advice I think would be: You do you.”