Third year BA (Hons) Commercial Photography student, Tanyel Jessie Arif, has been featured in C-Heads magazine.

Tanyel spoke to the magazine, which shows a snapshot of youth culture, about her work The body as Subject.

She tells us more: “There was not a theme or submission deadline date when I had sent an email out to C-Heads magazine, this was purely based on my university work and what had influenced my shoot at the time. They kindly accepted my email and responded that they would love to feature my work as an webitorial.”

Tanyel included a synopsis of her project as part of the feature: “Based upon current social stigmas on creatives on the social media platform Instagram, who are using their bodies as either sexualised or non-sexualised objects but nether the less as an art form to be consumed by a wide audience. My body of work questions theorist ideas on representing the body as an object or a subject, and whether these presentations of individuals are a true representation of themselves or just simply a manipulation of the platform.” 

See more of Tanyel’s work and read the feature at C-Heads Magazine.