About the show

‘Special Ed: Healthy Body, Happy Me!’ takes the idea of Educational Children’s Theatre and kicks it to the ground screaming. It is an irreverent and sometimes disturbing parody of all that is associated with Family Entertainment.

The show centres on Callum – whose big life plan did not involve performing for children. Unfortunately for him, his cuddly puppet sidekick (‘Ed’) has not failed to notice his shortcomings, and is all too quick to crudely point them out!

Ed soon begins to take on a disturbing life of his own, and begins to push Callum over the edge with obscene humour and cruel insults. Meanwhile, fellow actor (Diana), and resident technician (Joe) must keep the performance from falling apart – all the while fending off the advances of a maniacal puppet.

Will Ed succeed in sabotaging the show? Can Diana and Joe win the battle against Ed and how far can a puppet push his master before the lines are blurred? Join them for an education of a special nature. ‘Special Ed: Healthy Body, Happy Me!’ is ballsy, outrageous and aimed squarely at adults!

(Warning: this show contains blood, swearing and musical numbers.)

Performing 12th – 16th August 2013 at The Etcetera Theatre, Camden High Street, London 

About the company

‘Grinning Idiots Theatre’ is a newly established company, comprising of three recent graduates of the BA (Hons) Acting course. The Idiots specialise in new writing that is fun, irreverent and sometimes disturbing. ‘Special Ed’ was first performed as part of a final project, and is now being expanded and performed to paying public for the first time.

What the Graduates Have to Say:

Joseph Rynhart:

“The emphasis placed by the course on creating our own work has encouraged us to be proactive. It has also given us all the tools we need in both the performance and production side of things.”

Callum Stewart:

“The training gave me all the skills I needed when creating my own work. This along with the subsequent freedom provided us with a fantastic working and learning environment.”

Diana Winter:

“We were encouraged to create theatre which interested us, to take the risks we wanted – and trust ourselves to do it. The course has empowered is to be proactive in our industry.”


For more information about the festival and to book tickets visit the Camden Fringe website.