About the Show

“Look at this place! You know, in here, all the secrets of the world exist.”

Set in a typical railway station case, Indian Summer follows two girls whose mundane lives are far removed from the excitement and cultural exoticism of the India their imaginations conjure up.

Laura dreams of escaping her life of working in a railway station cafe and instead “having curries by the campfire and eating poppadoms for breakfast”. Steph simply wishes that the cappuccino machine would work; for Steph escape is working at the station, distracting herself with other people’s lives without having to think about her own.

Everyone has a story. As the girls encounter the patrons who visit their cafe and the stories they have to share they begin to make decisions about their own futures. Can they afford to dream of more?

By Lucy Maurice
Directed by Russ Tunney

Performed by 2013 Graduates Hattie Eyre and Hermione Halpin, at the Collection Theatre on 12th and 13th August.
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