A group called The Work in Progress Collective, made up of AUB alumni are featured in the current edition of International Design Network Magazine (Vol23 No6), focussing on Pattern in Illustration.

WIPC’s approach grew from a fundraising collaboration between staff and students on BA (Hons) Visual Communication for the Summer shows 2016. They created prints and pattern books using polymer plates overlaid to explore variation. Read more about the work in progress collective. 

Their advice on creating great print pattern:

“Start with a purpose and research — it helps to have reasoning behind your design process. Anyone can pick up a pen or a mouse to make a pretty pattern, but purpose is key in defining your work among the rest. Once grounded, elements such as materials, techniques, colours and composition will come more naturally to you. We had constraints in place for this project, such as size and colours, but we experimented with the various placements of papers and the overprinting of colours — it was a lot of fun and it meant that no one book was ever the same.”

Read the full Idn article.