Students from BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design course are given the opportunity to showcase their work at the end of year Summer Show.

Costume and Performance Design is a diverse and creative course that gives students the opportunity to collaborate with students from the Film, Make-up and Acting courses, creating some amazing collaborative pieces of work. Throughout the course there is a real emphasis placed on creating conceptual work in a context that aims to be as professional as possible.

At the end of the course, students are able to curate and display their work at the Costume and Performance Design Summer Show.  Their highly creative show has a new theme and strong production values every year.

Click on the video below to see how we prepared, over a three week period, for the 2015 show entitled AU79 (the chemical symbol for the metal Gold). The show was expertly designed by Stephanie Navarro and Ayesha Grosvenor.

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