BA (Hons) Architecture student, Tom Savage, is selected by RIBA President, Jane Duncan, for an exhibition on Architects of the Future at RIBA Headquarters..

Tom Savage who is currently in the third year of his BA (Hons) Architecture course met with Jane Duncan, President of the RIBA, on Wednesday 18th November 2015 to present his work at RIBA Headquarters at 66 Portland Place, London, after his architectural model was chosen for inclusion in a special exhibition of work by Architects of the Future.

Tom’s architectural model, chosen by Jane Duncan, is based on his second year studies which involved designing a bakery within a regenerated urban context that includes designing a new building with surrounding existing buildings, new landscapes, paths, edges, walls and roads, with an emphasis on materials and how these convey convivial atmospheres.

Tom tells us about his experience:

“It was an exciting experience to have the opportunity to be invited into the president’s office because I am sure that there are many architects that have yet to meet the president, and especially as I am a student.

Jane was very friendly and enthusiastic about my work and the thing I liked the most is that Jane said she and her visitors would be able to look at the model every day. Personally it was very humbling to hear this and it was an honour to be chosen. A lot of time and energy is put into these projects and if you are passionate about the work it is really nice to have recognition and interest in the work, and this is very rewarding.”

Tom focused aspects related to the industrial heritage of Poole, Dorset where the bakery is located, which included the firing kilns and chimneys connected with the world famous ceramics maker Poole Pottery in its heyday. As a result, the use of copper evokes the glistening mechanical past and future of Poole, and here Tom wanted to project the warmth and aroma of freshly baked bread through the metaphor of the roof as an oven, with a clean industrialised expression. Jane Duncan was particularly taken with the copper in the model and it reflected delightfully within its new exhibition setting in the President’s office at the world famous address at 66 Portland Place, London.