This season, the BA (Hons) Animation Production course is hosting a series of insightful guest lectures as part of the ‘Professional Development’ unit for Level 6 students.

On Tuesday 20th February, Annika Bluhm, Creative Executive for Dreamworks UK, shared her industry knowledge to a room of inspired students. Bluhm’s projects have included Postman Pat, Lassie and the Tinga Tinga Tales.


A big part of Bluhm’s role involves listening to pitches, and she’s heard many – both good and bad. Her lively and engaging lecture, ‘The Dos and Don’ts of Pitching’, gave students a feel for professional pitching, a process that can see your idea manifest into something tangible or leave you dragging your feet back to the drawing board.


Amongst Bluhm’s list of ‘dos’, is the importance of ‘loving your project’ – if you’re not dedicated and passionate about your idea then ‘why should other people care about it’? Following on from this, and equally as vital, is the need to ‘do your homework’ – learn about the person or company you’re pitching to. Lastly, be ‘succinct’, and ensure you practice your pitch so nothing can go wrong on the day.


Bluhm accompanied her ‘dos’ with an apt list of ‘don’ts’, for which, she stressed the importance of not being a ‘copycat’ – be original with your idea and don’t base it around something that’s been done before. In addition, overusing ‘buzz’ words and lying about your experience are another of Bluhm’s pet peeves.

She went on to discuss the actual scriptwriting process, which touched on the Three Act Structure, Treatment, and knowing your target audience – all extremely valuable knowledge for AUB’s aspiring animators.

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