BA (Hons) Acting graduate, Caitlin Innes Edwardes, stars in BBC drama 'Strike'

BA (Hons) Acting Graduate / Alumni AUB Alumni / Acting / Course news / Industry News – Published 27th Oct 17

Caitlin Innes Edwardes graduated from BA (Hons) Acting in 2010.

Since graduating Caitlin has played a number of roles in TV, starring in Casualty, Doctors, and a role in the movie Mad to be Normal.

In JK Rowling’s adaptation of Strike: The Silkworm, which recently aired on BBC One, Caitlin appears as llsa Herbert, a lawyer schoolfriend of Strike’s.

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Caitlin told us: “I’m thrilled to be involved in the Strike Series, it’s very lucky when you get to portray a character from a book, especially one from a series by J.K Rowling.

“It’s been a slow burn for me over the past couple of years, but I’ve learnt that your relationship with people is a real key to keeping going. Acting is definitely a marathon and not a race, and every time you fail it actually makes you a better actor.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt, especially with auditioning, is that you have to get it wrong before you get it right. 

“I also work as a script writer and my pilot script has just been optioned by a production company, so am looking forward to going into development on that in the new year.”

Caitlin returns as Ilsa for the next TV Strike adaptation, Career of Evil, where she plays a more significant role.

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