Nathan Ball, an M.Arch student at AUB, has been working with the National Trust, on ‘future-proof’ beach huts that can withstand extreme weather and a changing coastline at Studland in Dorset.

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Some of the 270 beach huts at Studland have already had to be moved twice, with a number left “perilously” close to the beach after winter storms washed the footpath away.

Elli MacDonald, project manager at Studland, said: “Beach huts have been popular with families since Victorian times and are an important part of the special character of the British coastline. That’s why we’re trying to find a practical solution so that these symbols of the seaside can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Supreme DBA, an advertising and brand agency in Weymouth also originally worked on the brief alongside Nathan.

Nathan has been working to design new beach huts for Studland that will withstand coastal erosion and changing weather with a group of BA (Hons) Architecture students,  they will be viewed and voted upon at a public exhibition that opens today at Studland, which will run for four weeks. Their ideas and designs can be seen here.

Nathan said “I studied the BA (Hons) Architecture at AUB for three years, and have always been fascinated by beach hut design. I took two years out to go into management construction involved with the environmental sector and then went on to the MArch. My family have always had a beach hut and I’m from Bournemouth, so its great to be able to work on a local project that will change the area for the better.”

Ed Frith, M.Arch Course Leader says: “The Studland Beach is a very special place and the ecological challenges there of climate change are great. Nathan loves beach huts, and has great potential as a young architect, so this his spring board into practice. It’s great that he is doing a live project as part of his studies, he is based in the project office, ‘Room 101’ based at Enterprise Pavilion at AUB, where we have the M.Arch studio to run the M.Arch live and community architecture projects.”

Coordinated by Nathan, Architecture students were challenged to re-design the traditional beach hut to better withstand storms, high winds and waves.

The students have worked in small groups to come up with new intelligent designs for beach huts at Studland. On the Knoll, Middle and South beaches from the 14th -21st April, 10am – 4pm, students in partnership with the Living with a Changing Coast project will be presenting their creative designs of a possible future proof beach hut. The public are invited to come and along and have their say.

The winning design will be built and showcased at Studland’s Knoll beach.The design will be trialled to see whether it would be a possible option for future beach huts at Studland.