Following Lord Norman Foster’s visit to AUB earlier this year, where he commissioned students to reconstruct the Reichstag dome, AUB’s BA (Hons) Modelmaking students and staff were invited to attend the official and inspiring launch of the Norman Foster Foundation this summer in Madrid.

The forum questioned preconceived ideas about the future of our cities through discussions and debates. Lord Norman Foster said: “I believe that cities can change the world for good. They are doing so. Cities are the future now.”

Soon after the launch of the Norman Foster Foundation inaugural forum, Lord Norman Foster received an honorary fellowship from AUB at this year’s graduation ceremonies.  

Watch Lord Norman Foster speak at the inspiring, inaugural ‘Future is Now’ Forum:


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The Norman Foster Foundation is an independent institution working to promote research and projects that connect architecture, design, technology and the arts, aiming to support new generations and working closely with universities in doing so.

The Norman Foster Foundation officially launched with the ‘Future is Now’ forum, held in Madrid on the 1st June 2017. Students, academics and practitioners from architecture, design, and technological innovation disciplines attended to discuss design challenges that affect the built environment. More than 2,100 people attended the event, including over a thousand students from 32 international universities. AUB attendees included the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Emma Hunt, BA (Hons) Modelmaking Course Leader, Paul Johnson and students from the Modelmaking course.

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