Dippy the Dinosaur takes temporary leave from London’s Natural History Museum and uproots to Dorset in new project.

Britain’s most famous diplodocus began welcoming visitors to his new home at the Dorset County Museum in Dorchester this month as part of the National History Museum’s ‘Dippy on Tour’ project, which sees Dippy reside in various locations across the UK.


For the past 18 months, AUB’s Adele Keeley, Senior Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design course, has been working with Lorna Rees, Artistic Director at Gobbledegook Theatre, and scientists from the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site to support the ‘Dippy on Tour’ project.

Their project, aptly names ‘Mesozoic’, explores the connection between the North American Diplodocus skeleton in context with the Jurassic Coast, and is inspired by amateur palaeontologists, natural landmarks, and museum collections. Adele and the team developed a costume to support a school workshop programme during the lead up to the tour.

The resulting costume represents the geological formations featured along the Jurassic Coast line, with textile applications that represent the three geological periods of the Mesozoic period.


Adele recalls her time working on the project:

“It has been wonderful working with the Jurassic Coast team. The group of scientists have given wonderful feedback on our work. We hope that by presenting geology in this way we can inspire young people, schools and families in the Dorset area to be naturally curious about the natural world right on their doorstep.”

Dorset, the ‘birthplace of palaeontology’, is only the first leg of the two-year ‘Dippy on Tour’ project. Next stop, Birmingham Museum.

(Images courtesy of Dominic Old)