The AUB BA (Hons) Modelmaking course has recently received endorsement from the Association of Professional Model Makers (APMM).

The APMM is the only organisation dedicated to securing the future of modelmaking exclusively for professional modelmakers. They offer members and the modelmaking community resources such as professional communication, education and cutting edge technology, while maintaining and honouring traditional making methods.

The BA (Hons) Modelmaking course became involved in the association as a means to explore model making in a more global context, discover networking opportunities, internship programmes and build the course reputation.

Senior Lecturer, Will Strange said: “We were interested to know how practitioners approached modelmaking outside of the UK, and to identify where we might benefit from this knowledge.

It’s clear that we are unique in approaching modelmaking as a creative discipline, and studying it within an ‘art school’ environment. In the USA, modelmaking is mostly considered to be a technical discipline.

If we continue to maintain the level of knowledge and finish that our graduates attain, this difference will help us to stand out and mark us out as more creative than most makers.”

The APMM host a series of workshops and seminars where practice is debated and designated, and a bi-annual conference, open to all members, brings together members of this unique association. Here the members exchange ideas and explore new developments in technology, thus promoting the idea of modelmaking as a professional, vocational discipline.

At each conference AUB attend, student work is taken and entered into competitions, prizes have been won by students on several occasions.

The next conference takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2018. AUB will be attending and entering the student Modelmaking Competition.