Xueyun Feng graduated from BA (Hons) Illustration in 2014.

Xueyun speaks about her time at AUB, and what she is up to now:

“Before I came to AUB, I received 8 offers from other different Universities in the UK, one with scholarship.  I chose AUB because people say this is the southernmost part of the UK and I decided I would love to go to somewhere warmer to study my degree, three years is not a short time!

“I found some difficulty in writing tasks so I used the academic support centre within student services, they helped me with my English.

“My Illustration studio was located in the centre of the campus, with a short walking-distance to everywhere; the library, canteen, lecture room and the student accommodation.  It was big, bright and very clean, all my friends from other courses were jealous about my working space – I would say it was probably the best in AUB. 

“In the first year of my illustration study, I learned how to use different materials and methods 
to express my ideas. Group work was always good to improve abilities to cooperate with others.  I had life drawing sessions at every Tuesday or Thursday evening with the students from others courses and different levels.  Before and after the class I would usually go to the library and use the silent room which was my favourite place. 

“The Illustration students often collaborated with the Fine Art and Visual Communication students, and sometimes I  would work with students from Photography and Film Production courses too. 

“AUB invites a lot great artists and alumni to the campus to share their knowledge and life experiences with us. I remember we had lectures with the typography and printmaking artist Alan Kitching, he brought some small prints for us as gifts.

“I was very lucky to live in this beautiful seaside town for three years, I gained a few lifetime friends at the University, I received my degree here, I gained the ability of taking good care of myself when I was so far away from home, I improved my English, and I found my own way of independent study that helped me a lot when I was doing my MA degree in London. I successfully graduated from Kingston University London again in 2015 in MA Communication Design: Illustration.

“I moved to Paris at the beginning of 2016 and joined the MBA Arts Management course in IESA Paris. The education systems are quite different between the UK and France and after carefully consideration, I decided to transfer to a similar course in London in 2017.

“Along with continuing my studies I have been travelling around the world. I have visited 20 more countries in Europe, Africa and Asia! I am looking forward to continuing my studies in London soon, I hope to gain more knowledge about art and be an art academic in the future.”