In April, first year BA (Hons) Fine Art students visited Athens, Greece.

This was an opportunity for students to attend Documenta,  one of the biggest international art fairs that only happens every five years. For the first time in Documenta’s history, the fair is taking place in both Athens and Kassel. Originally stemming from Kassel in Germany, the art fair aimed to expand it’s horizons and try to bridge cultural and social-political issues between Greece and Germany.

The students experienced guided tours at the various Documenta venues across Athens, as well as cultural excursions to the great Acropolis and Angora, the famous ruins of Greece and birth place of philosophy.

Not to mention a day on a Greek island beach!

The residential study trips are organised by the Fine Art staff team and, not only offer students the opportunity to visit wider international art events, also an opportunity for cultural exchange. They are kept at a low cost and, for those students who can’t attend the trip, the course puts on extra workshops, tutorials and lecturers so nobody is missing out.