BA (Hons) Architecture graduate Ben Dart has designed the Pavilion for Secret Garden Party 2015.

Ben originally designed the Shadow Pavilion for Secret Garden Party in 2014, and was invited back to reimagine the Pavilion for 2015.

He tells us more about his design: “The Secret Garden party pavilion was a commission by the festival to create a unique seating pavilion for their festival environment. The pavilion was an exploration of temporary architecture. Its formed from four separated slated timber cubes. The four cubes are constructed from 1 kilometer of timber which has been slated together along the corners connected with a thread rods. The concept was taken from a garden sundial ever changing throughout the day, the pavilion was an exploration of a changing environment. The shadows cast through the slated timber are ever changing and moving throughout the day, creating a different experience for the festival goer each time they visited the pavilion.”

Ben has created design studio Shaped on all Six Sides, as well as winning the Terence and Annette O’Rourke Architecture Prize 2015.