2013 BA (Hons) Architecture Graduate Ami Nigam shares with us his latest work in Beijing…

Ami was born and raised in India and moved to England to pursue his Degree. “Throughout my time at University, I worked alongside other creative people from various backgrounds like fashion, film and dance. I also worked at the Students’ Union for two years as the elected International Officer and have been a part of various committees which deal with the functioning of the University.

I am now working as an Architectural Designer for a small practice here in Beijing called LCC. It’s been wonderful working in Beijing, the kind and scale of projects that we work on are amazing. I’ve also done a couple of competitions and am awaiting results for those.

I recently finished my first built project, it was the interiors of a little cafe in China but it was so satisfying to see the built form of what I designed. I also did interiors for a bar that is nearing completion in Shanghai.”

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