Faye Bowden is a working artist who graduated from the BA (Hons) Fine Art course in 2015.

After applying for a residency run by the Royal Drawing School in October 2017, Faye was successful and will be attending a two-week, full-time residency based in Dumfries House, South-West Scotland. We chatted with Faye before her impending and exciting opportunity began.

Hi Faye, please give us a description of your practice – are there conceptual elements that you feel are important to it?

My practice is process based, and usually involves repetition – sometimes as content but more often as creative strategy. Working in a variety of media, I employ repetitive actions and processes in search of a point of transformation. At times the processes can become futile, but I try to push through the futility hoping to move the work into a new state. Drawing, in its broadest sense, is integral to my practice and is often where my inspiration comes from.

You’ve been keeping pretty busy. Please tell us about your trajectory post-graduation…

Since graduating from AUB in 2015 I’ve been doing a variety of jobs and projects. I have been involved in four exhibitions including the Fringe Festival in Bath, Bournemouth Emerging Arts Festival, FloatArt in London, and KALEIDOSCOPE, which I curated myself, at the Citygate Centre, Bournemouth in April 2016. I’ve also worked in retail and completed a voluntary year at a church where I was creating set designs for events. I’m currently working full-time in a school as well.

How do you feel about the residency? Have you been making new work, or will this be a chance to re-ignite your practice?

I’m very excited for my upcoming residency. I’ve always wanted to do a residency as I’ve known other artists who have really benefited from the change of scene, and they’ve said it’s a great way to freshen up your practice and provoke a new perspective. Due to work, my practice has slowed down somewhat, but I’m looking forward to immersing myself again during the residency. It will be a chance to make new work and reconnect with my practice.

Does the residency have any form of agenda or conceptual underpinning, or is it simply a space for you to make work within?

I’m going into it with an open mind – I’m just going to enjoy having the time and space to make work, and be in a completely new environment too. There’s no set agenda, just that I donate a piece of work at the end of my time there. So, I’ll just spend time absorbing my surroundings and make work in response to that. Travelling to a new place is something that always inspires me to create work, and I’m sure the fresh Scottish air will help too.

Finally, can you talk a little about how this opportunity came about and a few of the finer details we may have missed?

Richard Waring emailed me back in October and asked if I was interested in applying, which I was. The application process was very straightforward – I just had to send over my bio and organise dates with The Royal Drawing School. They were very helpful and informative – I feel very welcomed already. The residency is based in Dumfries House, an 18th century building near Auchinleck in South-West Scotland, and is run by The Royal Drawing School. I’ll be there for two weeks from 30th March 2018. The house is open to the public and the studio space will be too on Sundays, so people are welcome to come in and look around.

For more of Faye’s work, visit her website.

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Images of Faye Bowden’s Black Iron Wire installation