Students from BA (Hons) Fine Art and Bournemouth and Poole College Visual Arts Extended Diploma and Foundation Diploma exhibit Booked Up – An exhibition of Altered Books.

The Altered books have been made by students in two settings – AUB and Bournemouth and Poole College- and bought together to strengthen links between students in both places.

Students attended workshops facilitated by Laura Joy and Faye Banks, selecting withdrawn books from the AUB library as well as other unwanted volumes and college prospectuses which they set about altering, before returning them to the AUB library for display.

The practice of artists amending, defacing, deconstructing and reconstructing books has become a genre in its own right.

The books exhibited act as vehicles of insight, re-engaging us with their physicality and subject matter, encouraging us to participate rather than observe, to express opinions rather than passively consume.

In a world of built-in obsolescence, these works serve to prove that nothing is ever useless, and that by applying a creative process to an existing object, we are always offered the possibility of beginning again.

Interventions have been as diverse as collage, sculpture and zine-making, and whilst many of the books are still recognisable as book forms (with elements amended, removed or added), others have been completely deconstructed and remade for the project.

With thanks to the AUB Library for donating their withdrawn books and to Violet Mclean and TheGallery team for their support.

Booked Up – An exhibition of Altered Books is on display 29th April – 20th May 2016