Fine Art Course Leader Richard Waring and Graduate in Residence, Joe Morgan, along with ten first-year students travelled to Athens for a situated pedagogy project entitled ‘Aisthetikos.’

The group were based at the well-known Athenian cultural centre called Six d.o.g.s which has a project space, a bar and is an international music venue.

One of the attending students, Billy Summers, reported back on the opportunity:

The Aisthetikos experience was unprecedented in its ability to take one out of the zeitgeist of the art studio environment. It therefore meant that my practice had time to evolve and be questioned… it was an intense, profound and largely interesting experience, where every waking moment was enchained with Fine Art.”

In everyone’s eyes, the project was truly successful: the students and staff members present pushed their limits of creativity, endurance and willpower as a group but also on an individual level. The level of purpose and drive lent by the guarantee of the exhibition ensured that all individuals had a goal in mind.

Joe added: “The relationships we built in Athens not only within peers, but within the city itself will hopefully serve us well in the future!

Speaking about the project, Graduate in Residence, Joe Morgan explained:

“After more than a month of progress meetings and informal group critiques, we found ourselves amid the busy streets of Athens. The group would meet twice daily, once to discuss the progress of their work and the tasks they’d set themselves for the day and the second to assess how effectively these tasks had been carried out. Often, a huge amount more had been achieved by individuals, buoyed by the ever-looming exhibition and their drive to push their practice in this outlandish environment, or by pursuing their curiosity. These interactions; created by reacting and referencing the space in which we were occupying was the purpose of ‘Aisthetikos’ that Richard had foreseen.”

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