BA (Hons) Acting alumnus, Nick Fruin, is currently appearing in BBC3 comedy series Witless.

Nick graduated in 2013 and has now secured the role of DJ Sound as F*** in the new BBC3 comedy series, which follows the lives of two flat-mates under witness protection.

We caught up with Nick to find out more:

“The process of Witless started with an audition in Summer 2014. After getting the role we had a table read of the script with members of the BBC comedy commissioning team, who then decided they wanted to film a pilot episode. We did this in late 2014 and a series of 5 episodes was commissioned soon after. We filmed the current series, that you can watch now on iPlayer, in October 2015. It was a great experience to work with established TV actors and an experienced crew. Although most days are early starts it never feels like work. I had to pinch myself that I was getting paid to mess about in front of a camera.

“DJ Sound as F*** is hard as nails, as you can tell by his self given nickname. His real name is Adrian, which doesn’t quite cut it with the hoodie community. His whole life is a constant bravado, he pretends, to give the impression to his peers that he is an experienced ‘gangster’. The reality is he’s shitting himself just as much as his sidekick ‘Appraisal’.  He definitely thinks he has the upper hand between the two, but crumbles when in the presence of more senior gang members.

“When I graduated I went straight into touring care homes and community centres with a travelling two man show. This was obviously very rewarding, but hard work and certainly eventful. You could step out from behind the curtain, sing a note and just hear ‘you’re rubbish’ heckled from the crowd. Character building I suppose. I also recorded a song for the charity ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness’ and recorded a music video with the legend that is Pat Sharp. It was shown on the big screens at Glastonbury and Bestival. It’s somewhere on Youtube and is particularly hilarious.

“AUB was great in giving me a platform to succeed in Acting. From letting me experience a film set with fellow students from other courses, to inviting outside companies in to audition us for potential jobs. We even learnt to do our taxes. I didn’t have the normal dread of leaving university and wondering ‘What do I do now?’. I was hungry to get out there and succeed. Having said that I miss the lifestyle of AUB, living by the seaside, the support of my tutors and fellow actors among whom I have made lifelong friends.”

Series One of Witless is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.