Nebras Jamali, BA (Hons) Acting alumnus graduated last June and is already starring in new TV Show, Looming Tower, released this month.

We caught up with Nebras to find out what he’s been up to since graduating, and to hear his advice for the next generation of actors.

What age were you when you first noticed a passion for Acting and where did the inspiration come from?

I found my passion for acting when I was fifteen years old, when I was still living in The Netherlands. The power of the craft is what inspired me the most. The power of controlling people’s emotions.

What originally attracted you to studying Acting at AUB?

Honestly, initially I just wanted to live by the sea. But I fell in love with AUB when I had my first audition there. That’s when I saw how arty and creative the university actually is. Everywhere I looked, students were doing things, either a photo-shoot or filming something outside.  I felt at home straightaway.

How did you find your time at AUB?

I could not have spent my academic years anywhere better than AUB.

I found my time at AUB very useful. I spent most of my time networking and collaborating with students from other courses such as Photography, Fashion, Costume Design, Illustration and many more, knowing that those connection will be useful in the future.

What were the most important lessons you learnt?

To always ask myself, is this the best work I can create, and elevate from there.

To be myself and always prepare for whatever I choose to do or is coming my way.

How did the course prepare you for entering the creative world after AUB?

By giving me the right set of skills and introducing me to all types of theatre such as physical theatre, devised theatre, musical theatre and more. The Acting course at AUB gave me the opportunity to explore all the fields within acting. They also prepared me on what the film/theatre industry is going to be like after I leave AUB. The acting course in general gave a clear perspective of what the essence of acting is and what I can expect of it as a career.

Can you explain a little about your career journey since graduating… what jobs have you had and where? What does your job involve?

Straight after my agent signed me, I started getting auditions quite rapidly. The auditions were mainly for TV/Film. I started off doing ADR work in London (Additional Dialogue Recordings). Not long after that, I start doing auditions for TV/Film while I was finishing up my work at AUB. Toward the end of my time at AUB I did an audition for Hulu’s ‘The Looming Tower’ and got offered a role in the TV series. I had the privilege to travel to South Africa & Morocco and work with Oscar winning actors and directors.  With the help of my lectures and classmates I managed to finish the remaining course work whilst preparing for this great TV role.

Tell us a bit about your current role, what is the best bit about your current job and what attracted you to it?

The role I play in The Looming Tower is Nawaf Al-Hazmi who was one of five hijackers of American Airlines Flight 77, which they crashed into the Pentagon as part of the September 11 attacks in the United States.

The Looming Tower is based on the Pulitzer-Prize winning book, it traces the rising threat of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in the late 1990s and how the rivalry between the FBI and CIA during that time may have inadvertently set the path for the tragedy of 9/11. The series follows members of the I-49 Squad in New York and Alec Station in Washington DC, the counter-terrorism divisions of the FBI and CIA, respectively, as they travel the world fighting for ownership of information while seemingly working toward the same goal – trying to prevent an imminent attack on U.S. soil. The TV series will be released in February 2018.

Can you tell us a little about the work/performance you’re most proud to have produced so far?

Being a part of AUB’s productions are what I am most proud of. It got me to where I am now. I played Prince Amir in the production of The Ashgirl and Lloyd in Shining, an immersive performance that took place in a local Bournemouth Hotel inspired by Stephen King’s novel, The Shining . We were always given the freedom to put our own ideas into the performances. That is something not all universities provide, the freedom of creating YOUR own work. Being part of an international television series like The Looming Tower is also one of my proudest moments. I always wanted to be involved in films/series that are based on true stories and events.

Do you have any future career aspirations?

Since I speak four languages, I am looking to work abroad in countries like The Netherlands, Belgium and United States and start a foundation from there. My lecturers always encouraged me to use my language skills as an advantage.

Finally, what’s your one piece of advice for the next generation of creatives?

My advice to the next creative generation is, make sure you like the field you choose to do. Doing something you don’t enjoy is a failure itself. Never give up, keep telling yourself that nothing is impossible. If you stick to your dreams and what you want to achieve, there is nothing that can stop you from doing it, but it all depends on yourself.

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Image left to right: Nebras Jamali, Nebras in AUB 2017 production Shining, Nebras in AUB production The Ashgirl as Prince Amir.