BA (Hons) Acting graduates have produced the show ‘Beyond Expectations’ for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

AUB Alumni, Jessica Levinson Young and Joseph Rynhart, worked alongside 5 other AUB Actors on the innovative re-imagining of Great Expectations.

Since graduating, Joseph and Jessica have set up their own theatre company, Untold Theatre, producing dynamic touring productions and workshops and tackling current issues in engaging and relevant ways.

Joseph tells us about his time at AUB and what he’s been up to since graduating:

“I had a fantastic three years at AUB. My time there was invaluable in helping me explore all the different parts of my industry. It also really helped discover a way of working, and creating work, that was best for me. The best thing about AUB was that it is such a collaborative environment. During my training I was surrounded by so many different artistic disciplines – and so much creativity. 

I left AUB with a very wide set of skills of knowledge, which I make use of every day in my post-grad life. AUB gave me the confidence to make my own work, try new things and make mistakes. 

Although I studied on the BA Acting course, in the two years since graduating I’ve worked as a writer, director and producer – as well as an actor. These other jobs don’t feel unrelated, and they use many of the same skills.

I have worked for several Theatre in Education companies – as a Cast Member, and as a Tour Manager – in a variety of plays. These include pantomimes, Road Safety shows and Classic Literature adaptations. It’s really hard work, but good fun. You can perform as many as 15 shows a week, and I’ve toured all over the UK.

I also set up my own theatre company with Jessica Levinson Young, another AUB graduate. Together we have produced work at Tate Liverpool and Edinburgh Fringe. We’ve given talks about Theatre in Education at a number of teachers’ conferences, and we’re about to embark on the company’s first ever tour!

I read somewhere that the Fringe will ‘chew you up and spit you out’. It costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time and can be very unforgiving. It’s a huge festival, in a huge city – so it can hard to get noticed! But its also a brilliant thing to try and do! As a way to test new work, it’s fantastic. Audiences are so honest it’s easy to see what works. It’s also a challenge – how can you produce a show that isn’t ‘reduced’ in any way, that you can set-up in 5 minutes, that you can fit onto a bus, that doesn’t bankrupt you? The best thing is that there is so much theatre. 2015 was my first Fringe and I definitely want to go back. I saw so many shows and was so inspired by some of their ideas. It helps you remember why you chose the career you did. I came away from the festival exhausted but absolutely buzzing.

Find out more and view details of the upcoming tour at Untold Theatre.