FANTOCHE are working with the public Dentistry Service of Zurich for a special animation screening project, in which 2012 graduate animation ‘Marionette’ from BA (Hons) Animation will play a part. 

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“Every year dentists visit our public schools to inform the pupils on oral hygiene and instruct them how to properly brush their teeth. All kids from 5 to 16 years of age also are offered periodical checkups of their teethes in the dentists practice.

To make these checkups easier for the children, FANTOCHE and the public Dentistry Service would like to screen animation films for them during the examination.

The rooms, in which the treatments take place, are equiped with monitors attached to the ceiling, so the children can see them as they lay on the dentists chair. On these monitors, the films can be screened in good quality and with proper sound.”